Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IMPORTANT 2015-16 Spring Sports Information & Deadlines

Parent Meeting:
There will be an informational meeting for parents of students interested in UHS spring sports. This meeting will be held in the UHS LGI (Room 271) on Tuesday, 2/23/16, at 7:30PM. Please use the Auditorium entrance doors. The LGI will be on your left halfway down the hall. Information will be presented by Athletic Director, Joe Derickson, and should last approximately 30-60 minutes. Parents that attend are welcome to turn in their student's required PIAA & IMPACT forms at the meeting.

Forms & Deadlines:
All students trying out for a spring sport must have submitted the following forms to the Athletic Office by Monday, 2/29/16 (UHS Rugby Club deadline 2/16/16 and UHS Rowing Club deadline 2/22/16):

1) PIAA Comprehensive Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE) Sections 1-6.

2) IMPACT Concussion Testing Consent/Waiver Form (submit once per school-year).
Athletes are normally administered the baseline test during their freshman and junior years, but the consent/waiver form must be submitted each year in case post-injury testing is required.

3) PIAA CIPPE Section 7 Form, if required, dated after 1/25/16 for the spring sports season.
To determine whether or not you must submit Section 7, please see the informational flow chart posted on the Athletics page of the UHS website under "Sports Physical Exam Form". In general, the Section 7 form must be submitted by athletes that have already participated in another sport during the school year, or if your physical was not completed within six weeks of the start of the season.

All of these forms are available on the Athletics page of the UHS website, in the Athletic Office (Room 176) or in the Main Office. All CIPPE and IMPACT Consent/Waiver forms must be dated after 5/31/15 for the 2015-16 school-year.

All forms must be completed and turned in PRIOR to participation in practices or tryouts.

Any athlete arriving for the first day of practice/tryouts with CIPPE and IMPACT forms will be sent to the Athletic Office to submit their forms and will not be allowed to participate until they received written authorization.

The first day of tryouts for all UHS PIAA-sanctioned spring sports' teams is Monday, 3/7/16.
Freshman student-athletes should plan to attend tryouts beginning on this date.

The UHS Rugby Club will begin their season on 2/27/16.
The UHS Rowing Club will begin their season on 2/29/16.

Any questions or concerns on these topics should be directed to the UHS Athletic Office at (610) 347-1600, Ext. 3082.